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Auto Politic started when the co-founders occupied the Taiwanese national legislature chamber after the governing party passed a free trade agreement with China without debate. The pandering to the electorate before an election and the total disregard of the electorate after made us realized the established and entrenched political parties is a threat to democracy.


By compiling and calculating the people's opinion as expressed on social media, we developed a BigData Analytic platform that successfully helped an independent candidate to beat the son of a vice president for the mayor of Taiwan's capital city.  


Base on this six-month long campaign, we started the mission of democratizing political outcome. Since then we have developed technologies to complement the best in practice for campaigning strategies, tactics, and operations. Since then, we have  helped 11 out of 15 citizens become the legislatures for Taiwan. Our platform is deployed through Asian countries to increase the political and policy outcomes.


Please contact us if you are interested in engaging our platform for your policy or election needs.

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