Opposition as Pivoting

President Kennedy, after the Bay of Pigs fiascos, said, while “victory has a thousand fathers … failure is an orphan,” This is most true for a governing party out of power. While having clients on both sides of the political divide, the period after an election is interesting. The victors are busy planning their ascension to power, while the losers now have to deal with the unimaginable. As a consultancy, we now exchange our sword for plowshares and works with those clients who are serious about a return to power. In the immediate aftermath of losing an election, the new opposition party will be demoralized and face defection as the new governing party dangle position and power to lure away

Malaysian GE14 Afterbattle Report

Having multiple clients on different sides in the GE14 Malaysian GE14 election gave AutoPolitic a kaleidoscopic view of how our advice and theories operated in the wild. While no battle plans survive the first contact with reality, many reached their intended targets because of superior operation and discipline, and a few failed because of internal negotiation. Below are some abstracted lessons. The Good The campaigns are very receptive towards tactical advices on message tweaking, additional outreach, and using data to gauge which activities matches the pace and stage of the campaign. Data has been persuasive in altering client’s behaviour mostly in this day-to-day areas. From supporting p

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