Is the Voice of the People the Will of the People? The Philippines Constitutional Reform Campaign

“I would not look to the U.S. Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in 2012.” -Ruth Bader Ginsburg “The Notorious RBG”,American Supreme Court Justice Every country’s constitution must undergo periodic amendment in order to adjust the structure of power and to protect the right of the people to deal with the domestic social forces and the international geopolitics. The challenge to this premeditated rearrangement of power and right is whether it is a justified reaction to the reality or a justifying attempt to enshrining those in power and the depriving those in need. The Philippines is undergoing one such period. The attempt to call the sixth constitutional convention for the Republ

Losing the Malaysia GE14 by Hope

A benefit of the incumbency not enjoyed by the America Presidents is the power to choose when an election occurs. In a parliamentary system, the prime minister can unleash a snap election and forces the opposition to abandon all the best-laid plan of men and campaign managers to simply campaign to survive. As an election strategist, I am most often called in right after the snap election is announced and after the party realizes it's not ready. Through these battles, I have come to understand the reason why no modern parliaments will ever serve out its full term. The most recent example of this adroit hacking of the democratic operating system is Turkey, where President Erdoğan called a sna

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